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The feminine is out of balance with the masculine in politics, business, society and our own lives. This imbalance holds consequences for the planet, for organizations and for human well-being.

Can you imagine it differently? I can too.

Women’s’ empowered and inspired leadership is the key to a sustainable future and wellbeing for all. When we feel meaningful working to make the world a better place, embracing our beauty and our power, our spirituality and our practicality our intuition and our intellect, embodying our values and feeling a bit more soulful in our leadership and when we do so together we not only shine, we move mountains. A healthy tomorrow depends on women’s hopes and dreams becoming realized, no longer hidden in any drawer, underfunded, undervalued or put aside. Join me in accelerating our hearing, seeing, valuing and realizing women’s authentic contribution, visions and ways as we evolve our world to one that works for all and go from meeting to movement. In fact, join me as we celebrate the feminine in women and in men as we assure balance with the healthy masculine, and as such can accelerate our creating a world in which we all flourish.

--Kristin Engvig, Founder WIN


WIN (Women’s International Networking) is a leadership organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Founded in 1997 in Milan by Norwegian social entrepreneur and pioneer, Kristin Engvig. She brought a revolutionary new way to the world of business by integrating holistic perspectives, aesthetics, joy and nurturing values. 

Over the years, WIN has provided pioneering thought leadership and is the reference for numerous individuals and organizations worldwide. It keeps opening new paths and inspiring exceptional leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and talents through its innovative and collaborative framework of change.

At WIN we evolve as conscious inspired leaders, run businesses and organizations with purpose, create careers with meaning and pioneer a world that works for all.

At WIN each person is a shining star in a powerful constellation of influence.

“The WIN conference experience was magical with many eureka moments. It showed glimpses of exciting times approaching. I am touched by the serenity and the resolve to bring transformation in every woman’s life. An extraordinary event - it surely has raised my bar.”
Aarati Saxena, Stree Shaktim, India


WIN is a global leadership initiative for women and men who want to be part of expanding the new paradigm of leading authentically, integrating feminine values and embracing interconnectedness.

WIN is a pioneer in bringing together leaders from all over the world and from various generations, professions and backgrounds. With its highly creative and holistic take on business topics, it has both celebrated and transformed the lives of thousands of women and impacted hundreds of companies. It inspires leaders to embark on conscious leadership journeys, create & run organizations with noble values and awareness, and to live their own lives with beauty and enthusiasm.

“The WIN conference experience was magical with many eureka moments. It showed glimpses of exciting times approaching. I am touched by the serenity and the resolve to bring transformation in every woman’s life. An extraordinary event - it surely has raised my bar.”

Aarati Saxena, StreeShaktim, India



Inspiring women leaders worldwide by:
Enabling, empowering, connecting women in a global, authentic, interconnected and feminine way. 

Vision and Way


WIN’s vision is to expand the global community and global network of conscious and inspired leaders ready to bring their signature leadership to social communities, corporations, supranational institutions, political organizations and entrepreneurship, world-wide. 


  • Transform the status-quo and inspire a world that works for all.
  • Raise feminine and global awareness.
  • Evoke change through authentic leadership
  • Accelerate growth of highly conscious business.
  • Inspire success based on your uniqueness rather than stereotypical ways of being.
  • Integrate both feminine & masculine values in order to fully create 
  • Create and co-create a sustainable future and evolve the world.

It is created for modern Renaissance women and conscious men as well as the organizations they are a part of. 

WIN is not only about the magic energy, the creative approach or the ease of connecting, it is about stepping into a more feminine frequency, enabling you to see what could be possible, and then getting on with it through conscious business and practical application. We share stories, evolve practices, learn new skills, mentor and reveal the powerful you - the unique person who leads organizations, communities and individuals towards a bright future – and who does so together with other.

WIN inspires conscious women to step into decision making roles, progress their careers, excel in politics and business while encouraging artists and activists as well as those at new frontiers. 

Trailblazers and leaders on a journey of growth come to WIN to tap into the unique energy and the network of influence that facilitates their work in the world. Likewise, companies set to create thriving, sustainable and gender-balanced organizations with high values come to WIN to expand and implement new strategies. At WIN, we work to develop ourselves from the inside, expand our unique path, contribute with authenticity and heart and integrate feminine values with the healthy masculine, supporting each other in making dreams come true. We also know it is not only about women, nor about the feminine. 

We work globally, with men and across generations to create worlds, work and lives that benefit all. We connect. We integrate. We find common ground and what lights us up.

WIN’s inspiring plenary experiences, interactive workshops, wellness sessions and mindful networking ensures that everyone grows. 

Clearly, solving the many challenges of our time requires our compassionate leadership and our vital passion to sustain it. We are all agents of possibility. We know we are part of an interdependent system and that how each and every one of us contributes matters.

Now is our time. Become a part of it! 

“WIN is still the best conference I’ve ever attended. I left with a huge backpack full of inspiration, engagement and motivation.”
Anna Olchvary, Sodexo


  • Global: We foster international exchange and create communities of belonging. We commit to the best version of ourselves, celebrate diversity, heal separation, support each other and enable the truly global and inclusive leader to emerge.
  • Authentic: We inspire and nurture each and every one of our inner and outer leadership journeys and explore our unique paths. We encourage natural embodied expression; focus on signature purpose and authentic contribution from all.
  • Interconnected: We take a systems-based approach and look at the world, work and you. As part of an interconnected web, we give attention to how you do what you do and the quality of the relationships we create.
  • Holistic: We integrate and give value to the feminine qualities of collaboration, caring, sharing, receptivity, beauty, passion and compassion to balance the masculine qualities typically dominating business and politics. We are Renaissance women and men.
  • Innovative: We take a creative approach as we reveal what is emerging. We give and receive, we create and co-create, and we give form to the future of society, work and lives.
  • Focused on Possibilities: Mindfully in the now, we make space to find possibilities and empower new openings with joy.
  • Practical: we integrate skill-building, connect with trust, complete what we start and focus on getting things done together.



Global WIN Conference / Global WIN Live 
The Women’s Preferred Leadership Forum & development experience

The Global WIN is the pioneering, world-class 3+ day leadership learning extravaganza for company executives, managers, entrepreneurs and artists alike. A framework of change, it inspires possibilities and provides unequalled learning and mindful networking opportunities, all in a global, authentic and feminine way. A unique learning flow of plenary sessions, workshops, coaching, working forums, concerts, wellness sessions and celebrative networking events. The energy is unparalleled and wakes you up to new possibilities as you step into the experience.

The WIN organization
WIN (Women’s International Networking) is an internationally recognized leadership platform engaging thousands of people worldwide. Participating in WIN means joining the future and being part of a movement towards a world where business and society flourish and people thrive. It means ushering in an era where women’s voices are heard, feminine values embodied, global awareness and responsibility integrated, and where your authentic contribution is the norm. 

At WIN you are encouraged to find your unique path and join thousands of others on a global leadership journey of modern women and men breaking through seemingly impossible obstacles individually and together. We do this by creating transformational experiences and convenings worldwide, retreats, trainings and by inspiring projects, initiatives and hubs of agents of possibility worldwide

WIN is a reference for thousands of leaders, a resonance field for you to connect with and feel inspired by as you go on with your unique work in the world.

WIN Community & Global Leadership Journey Creating the net of light

WIN’s community of shining stars is a constellation of women and men on conscious journeys of contribution and discovery. Nurtured or initiated at the Global WIN women and men around the world are growing independently or with WIN. As part of the WIN community, groups of 3 and more are meeting. Likewise WIN leadership seminar series assures continuous growth, development and network.

WIN HUB Meetings Opening Possibilities around the World

Smaller WIN Conferences and meetings of women of the WIN community let more women and men be a part of accelerating the new integrated way of doing business and life, in the WIN way. Around the world, visionary business leaders, entrepreneurs and others meet to build strength, learn and find possibilities with our local partners, integrating the feminine way for the business practices of the new paradigm.

WIN Award Inspiring and Inspired.
WIN honours distinguished women for their dedication and work; women who have managed to inspire others whilst embodying WIN’s principles of the authentic, global and feminine leader. (link to page) 

WIN Corporate Accelerating Progress 
A reference for leaders and companies committed to engaging talent and creating diverse and inclusive organizations and engaging in purpose driven, conscious leadership practices and new business solutions where everyone thrives. The programme is designed to support leaders who work for multinational corporations and organizations and includes 4 learning and development meetings per year open to all. (link to page) 

WIN Fund Evolving the World
The WIN Fund enables women leaders from developing countries to attend the conference through scholarships and in addition, supports specific educational projects we feel can really help improve lives. 

WIN Community Mobilizing Leaders
Member events and activities mobilize WIN leaders worldwide including the Inspiring Leadership Seminar Series and learning journey. Across the world, we offer a chance to champions and enthusiasts to set up their own hubs and spread the learning and the joy.  We give support to women and men who empower others and whose passion is female empowerment, gender balance and expanding the WIN vision in their respective communities. 

Partners Engaging Together
WIN’s partners are world-class companies and organizations that understand that the full participation of women in their work force is key to their business success. These partners join on a membership basis or as sponsors backing the initiative. 

WIN also engages hundreds of women’s organizations, media-groups and institutions to be a part of it.

You can only WIN when everyone does—going from meeting to movement.


Held in Tokyo each spring and open to leaders worldwide. With the unique WIN touch we expand possibilities for everyone. The conference features world-class plenaries, workshops and networking – where beauty, collaboration, creativity and quality shine through like nowhere else.


Visionary business leaders, NGOs, activists and politicians meet in a colorful context, integrating the divine feminine with modern business practices. We inspire and accelerate the empowerment of more women.


Smaller WIN Conferences and meetings to let more women and men be a part of accelerating the new integrated way of doing business and life. Visionary business leaders, entrepreneurs and others meet to build strength, learn and find possibilities – all in the WIN context, integrating the feminine way to for the new paradigm business practices.


Visionary business leaders, NGOs, activists and politicians meet in a colorful context, integrating local stories of resilience, heart-led entrepreneurship and global women’s business practices. We inspire and accelerate the empowerment of more women locally and worldwide.

Other countries and cities

Singapore, Moscow, Dubai, Rome