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Network Endorsement Partners


WIN thought leadership and pioneering practise has become a reference not only for thousands of modern women on authentic, global and feminine leadership journeys also for the many networks they are a part of. WIN is the meeting place for presidents, committee members and founders of networks across the world and was originally created for them.

Today, at WIN we bring together many of the world's most incredible women’s associations, NGOs, networking groups, business school alumni groups and diversity groups of world-class organisations, with the opportunity for members to meet at the global WIN Conference and meetings around the world.


Become a Network Endorsement Partner


WIN offers an endorsement partner network programme which entitles members to receive access to a special president meeting at some meetings, conference discount and other promotional benefits. We continuously look to expand our WIN network of partners who are aligned with our visions to create meaningful and lasting change in the lives of women, in the lives of all.


Join us

  • Join a bigger vision
  • Share ideas, promote your own network and grow
  • Motivate and energize your existing members and reach out to new members



Partner Networks
WIN thanks all the Partner Networks that help accelerate the WIN mission.







Become a hub

Please reach out to us at if your network would like to be a hub for the upcoming 2021 Global WINConference or beyond, if you have no network and would like to start one, or if you would like to be part of the ever-growing WIN community in another way.