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In addition to our global events, WIN has a number of events run in partnership with local hubs in India, Japan, Nigeria, the UK, Singapore and Italy. WIN has also held meetings in Turkey, Dubai and in Abu Dhabi. These vibrant local events combine the magic of WIN with unique local flair, connecting participants with new inspiration, skills and networks that allow them to thrive. This year, these hubs will also connect their communities with the Global WIN Conference, and there will be some dedicated sessions as part of the conference programme.

It was such an honour to be at the WIN Conference in Tokyo. Such an amazing atmosphere and so many remarkable female leaders. Wow, I took a lot from it. Energy, motivation, ideas, learnings, contacts, even new career opportunities. Well, and the belief in dreams ;) -Clemens Juriga, HR Enthusiast

I was really inspired by the togetherness and enthusiasm that was generated at WIN Manchester. It’s helped me refocus again on my own journey as well as making a difference for others. -Sian Taylor, Executive Coach

The sisterhood within the WIN Global Conference is just wonderful. I think because we have a special woman on the lead Kristin Engvig, lifting us always higher and higher with humility, love, care, and patience.

- Anne Pelagie Yotchou, CEFAP-Ladies Circle