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Accelerating the Impact in Organizations

WIN is known for creating trends, and its pioneering efforts have become the industry reference, both for organizations involved in diversity and inclusion, as well as for leaders around the world wishing to create and pursue a more authentic, global and feminine approach. Since its inception, WIN has worked with close to 90 world-class companies, 30% of which have worked with WIN for more than 3 years in a row. Working hand-in-hand, WIN has provided inspiration, ideas, business connections and strategic advice to its corporate supporters, helping these organizations create inclusive and diverse workplaces.

WIN works with companies, UN organizations and other institutions to establish pragmatic strategies that accelerate the awareness, skills, knowledge and network needed to create future-fit, thriving, inclusive organizations. We have been a reference and resource for more than 100 of the world’s most successful companies, collaborating with them on high-level strategy making, internal diversity initiatives, and practical learning programmes both in person and online.



Annual Diversity & Inclusion Forum

Each year, WIN hosts the annual Diversity & Inclusion Forum, an extension of the many forums at our Global WIN Conference. The sessions range from attracting and retaining talent to creating a culture of collaboration and hearing from experts on the latest trends in business and society

Corporate Learning Series

Exchange best practices, learn new skills and make inspiring new connections.

WIN runs four half-day meetings each year to facilitate Corporate Learning and Networking. These meetings are part of our corporate partnership programme and explores new ways of working, living and being with conscious business, inclusion and gender equality and are open to all. Employee resource groups, women's networks and diversity groups often join as groups. 

Inclusion Advisory

WIN works with companies to create innovative in-house programmes, networks and interventions to help organisations achieve their diversity and inclusion goals. We leverage our twenty years of experience in transformational leadership to accelerate innovation and prepare your organization for a future that is more feminine, authentic and global.

The WIN Corporate Learning Series: Creating Thriving, Inclusive Organizations

Exploring new ways of working, living and being with the company of the future, conscious business, inclusion and gender equality.

2021 Corporate Learning Meetings

11 March         Women's Leadership & Careers in Times of Disruption hosted by Medtronic

20 May            Senior Leader Forum: Pioneering a Sustainable & Regenerative Future participation by invitation only

26 August        Thrive at Life and at Work: Health, Nutrition & Sustainable Employability hosted by DSM

30 September Women in Science & Technology hosted by Swisscom

30 November   Resilience & Inclusion


Past Corporate Learning Meetings

Women in Science & Technology | 30 September 2021

Considering the acceleration in the development of new technology, how do we ensure there is trust, integrity and fairness? How do we stay agile to change as active agents preparing for the future? How does technology facilitate our work and bring opportunities for learning and development, with greater flexibility and accessibility?


12:00    Opening & Introductions

How can we all use technology to benefit our organizations and our careers, across all industries? How do stay up to date in the newest tools and solutions? Introduction followed by buzz group discussions.


  • Kristin Engvig, Founder & CEO, WIN 
  • Hajar El Haddaoui, Head of Region West and Tessin, Swisscom

12:20    Leading in Science & Technology

Whether leading in research or in client management, how do we assure the authentic woman’s voice impacts emerging technologies, the science and its application? Why is it important for us to be there and how can technology improve our work?


  • Marika Leenders, PhD, Senior Scientist | Scientific Project Manager, Medtronic 
  • Nadia Rahim, CEO of itnetX

13:00    Buzzgroups: Leading in Technology

13:20    Risks & Opportunities in AI

What are the big developments in technology and how do they impact our work? What are the risks regarding privacy and ingrained bias, and where do we need to pay most attention to avoid these risks? Examples of new technology, AI, virtual learning, telemedicine, disruption. What is the role of policy, legislation and governance in building trust as these transformations take place?


  • Roberta Russo, Cloud Business Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Ayisha Piotti, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, RegHorizon

13:40    Buzzgroups: Risks & Opportunities in AI

14:00    The End



Thrive at Life and at Work: Health, Nutrition & Sustainable Employability | 26 August 2021

With the disappearing boundaries between work and life and accelerated change, how do we ensure we ourselves are well resourced in order to achieve sustainable employability? How do we remain productive while maintaining our own health, that of our colleagues and our company as a whole? How do we play a role in improving food systems and accessibility of nutrition for our community?


12:00    Opening & Introductions

Opening and welcome from DSM and WIN. Introduction to the topics and eachother.


  • Kristin Engvig, Founder & CEO, WIN 
  • Cristina Monteiro, Chief Human Resources Officer, DSM

12:20 Nutrition & Women’s Health
Women often put their own health last. How do we change this pattern and ensure we prioritize women’s health as individuals, at work and in society? Let’s look at what science is helping us understand about nutrition and how is this important for DSM as a business.

  • Maha Elkharbotly, Global Vice President Business Line Specialty Nutrition and President i-Health, DSM Nutritional Products
  • Breakout Learning Groups 

13:05 Sustainable Employability
In a world of rapid change and accelerating demands, ensuring you continuously learn and gain new skills is paramount. Ensuring rest, wellness and purpose is key to doing so sustainably. What can organizations to support their employees and create healthy and productive work environments?

  • Muriel Thijssen, Director, DSM FIT/Worklife center, DSM 
  • Breakout Learning Groups

13:50 Closing Thoughts
14:00 The End



Women's Leadership & Careers in Times of Disruption | 11 March 2021

During women’s week, we meet to look at women’s leadership and how we can expand our impact within our companies, communities and lives. We are living in a time of many challenges and also opportunities as the rules of the game are changing. What are some of the major disruptions and how do we deal with them? How do we network, deal with change and create sustainable careers in the time of Covid-19?


12:00    Opening & Introduction: Leading the Way
How would the world look with more women leading? Introduction followed by buzz group discussions.

  • Kristin Engvig, CEO & Founder, WIN

12:10    Trends, Innovations and Disruptions
What are the big changes and how do they impact our workplace? Let’s get up to speed! Examples of new technology, working from home, virtual events, telemedicine, burn out, finding resilience, disruption. 


  • Joop Smits, Director, People & Organisation, PwC Switzerland
  • Elena Plyasunova, Vice President, Medtronic Russia 

12:30    Learning Groups

Participants engage with the topics in groups of three.
12:40    Leading Your Career, Leading Others and Leading the Way
Panel discussion on networking change and navigating your career. Learn how they did it to accelerate progress. 


  • Nora Schoenthal, VP Global Talent, DSM
  • Florencia Davel, General Manager Latin America, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Fiona Pattiselanno, Corporate Brand Director, Medtronic EMEA

13:20    Navigating Your Career, Resilience, Succeeding in Change
What are the skills asked for, the attitudes required and the purpose expressed, and what works for you? Working group discussions. 


  • Ramune Lekamaviciute, Global Head of HR Quality & Compliance, Sanofi
  • Nicola Dunne D’Agostino, Connectivity & Insights Program Manager, Medtronic
  • Dr Paul Vanderbroeck, Executive Coach & Gender Balance Consultant
  • Maria Garza, Marketing Communications Manager, EMEA Region, Medtronic 
  • Marie-Philippe Vanheems, Business Transformer Consultant
  • Charleen Michel, International Human Resources & Wellness Consultant, WIN Wisdom Keeper
  • Sile O’Broin, Communications Specialist for the Office of the Chief Scientist in FAO of the United Nations

14:00    Closing Thoughts & Facilitating Networking


14:15    The End


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The D&I Forum on Creating an Inclusive Organization

Each year corporate leaders, organizations and experts meet to explore how to create inclusive organizations where people thrive and businesses and planet flourish. We ask ourselves, how can we overcome the hurdles in our way and accelerate progress? Would a more inclusive organization foster greater innovation for the greater good?

We share experiences of how we can connect to new ways of thinking, embrace diversity, sustainability, create common ground and grow environments of inclusion and equity in order to better innovate and prepare for the future.

It is clear that gender balance is good for business, and we look at the role of collaboration in accelerating progress on this front. Ultimately inclusion is built on each of our individual relationships.

This event is relevant for everyone excited about conscious business, inclusion, diversity, gender equality and advancing women in leadership, strategy, talent management or simply, anyone interested in creating a thriving future.

WIN createsevents where you feel included and where change is accelerated. It will enrich both your organization and yourself.

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How does it work?

The WIN Corporate Meetings are hosted by a host company and include a company case presentation as well as an external expert speaker and facilitated networking. The meetings last half a day. The learning meetings provide invaluable opportunities to benchmark best practices, foster dialogue with other leading international organisations, exchange ideas and information, promote team work with valuable networking opportunities and position the organisation in an environment of global, inclusive and feminine leadership.


How to Join

Become a Corporate Member to attend all meetings, or directly register for a meeting at a time. Write to us at for more information. 

Through WIN’s Corporate Meetings and the Annual Corporate Forum on women’s leadership, inclusion and innovation, we learn and share experiences on how we can connect to new ideas, embrace diversity, create common ground and grow environments of inclusion in order to facilitate prosperity and innovation.


More About the WIN Corporate Programme

A world in transformation - how is new technology, the changing political climate and the gender revolution impacting business and society? We gather to discuss how to create courageous, inclusive and innovative organizations - organizations that are actively shaping a future in which we all thrive. We are leading in an environment of unprecedented change at a global level. Together we explore what the larger trends and changes mean for companies and individuals. The meetings explore how we can overcome hurdles that prevent us from being ourselves, looking within, speaking out and stepping up.

The WIN Corporate Learning and Networking Series is a platform for leaders and organizations committed to creating conscious business, embracing diversity, innovating, developing inclusive practises and focusing on women and feminine leadership.

WIN is a leading learning organization with 20 years’ experience in creating, designing, curating and running high quality programmes on diversity, inclusion, women leadership, authenticity and conscious business. The Corporate Learning and Networking Series/Programme forms part of the overall WIN vision to accelerate the development and growth of global, authentic and feminine leadership, and to ensure that businesses flourish and people thrive. Each year, we host four half-day meetings as well as the full-day Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Forum, which are focused extensions of the many forums at our regional and Global WINConferences.

Topics covered in the sessions range from attracting, retaining, developing and promoting female leaders, building deeper self-awareness for better leadership, to creating a culture of collaboration. The sessions also deal with new business trends, diversity of thinking, innovation and technology, culture, and running successful and creative business networks. WIN's trademark focus on beauty and authenticity shines through in all that we do and be assured, you will come away connected to your fellow participants, new ideas and yourself. By identifying key topics, this network of like-minded organizations creates real business benefits for all of its member organizations and individual participants alike. WIN engages the ecosystem it is a part of and co-creates the Corporate Programme Learning Series meetings, the D&I Corporate Forum and services alongside the world-class organizations we partner with for the annual WINConference.

Past Meetings

  • Unveiling Unconscious Bias to Efficiently Lead with Purpose, hosted by DSM in Basel
  • The Growth Mindset Model & Collaborative Leadership, hosted by Richemont in Geneva
  • Inclusion in Action: Uncover Your Authentic Leadership, hosted by IKEA in Zurich
  • Inclusion in Action: Inclusion & Innovation, hosted by DuPont in Geneva

Meeting Reports

  • Creating an Inclusive Organization: Accelerating Change
  • Inclusion in Action: Activating Your Resilience
  • Inclusion in Action: Closing the Gender Pay Gap
  • Numerous other reports available upon request

Who attends

Senior leaders, middle management, talent managers, strategy executives, HR executives and anyone interested in engagement, diversity and inclusion. Meetings have been held at HP, Lexmark, IMD, ICRC, IKEA, Tetrapak, IBM, Cisco, Nestle, P&G, PwC, PMI, Honeywell/Garrett, Shell, Thomson Reuters, Medtronic, SwissRe and many more.


  •  Corporate learning and development programmes
  •  Corporate advice and strategy
  •  Pre- and post-conference corporate activities
  •  Supporting corporate elements, corporate speaking
  •  Authentic leadership, networking with purpose and joy
  •  Mindfulness, creativity, conscious business, communication and resilience training
  •  Inclusion, women in leadership, feminine leadership and overall gender strategy