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WIN Festive Mobilizing

Let’s come together and set the stage for a new year. 


WIN is delighted to invite you to celebrate the end of 2020 and to turn our sights to the coming year. In usual WIN style, we will share our passions and purpose, discuss what we learned across this unprecedented year and set intentions for 2021. We will reflect on where we came from, feel where are and get ready to call in the most amazing future.

We will put each other in the right light and inspire each other to continue as authentic and passionate leaders creating a better world. We will together pause and reflect on why and how we do what we do at this important junction in time. We will celebrate and expand our vision, needed more now than ever. 

At the end of the workshop, we will encourage you to have a sparkling glass of something and why not a red dress, shirt or hat on.


Date & Time: 17 December 18:30-20:00

Registration: Please register to join us here