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Sports & Social Innovations from Switzerland

Amazing golf tournaments that demonstrate gender equality

Events that promote gender equality can make organizations and sports more exciting and of greater interest to the general public.
At WIN we bring together amazing women and men to create better gender balance for the world, business and life. WIN’s innovative approach embraces diversity and inspires each person’s authentic contribution that create sustainable organizations and communities. 
The Swiss Pro Series has created a professional golf tournament series that brings together women and men to compete in “a truly gender equal sporting event.” This innovative format embraces diversity on the golf course for a truly Alpine Golf Experience.
WIN has entered into a cooperation with the Swiss Pro Series to leverage knowledge and experience to create meaningful and lasting change that promotes gender equality on the golf course.

Be a part of it

  • Be inspired by playing alongside golf pros in mixed flights of men and women
  • Play golf in Premium Golf Clubs for an Alpine Golf Experience
  • Build your golf network with golf pros and members of other golf clubs 
  • Improve your golf game by learning from others

If you would like to enhance your golf experience and be part of an innovative approach to playing golf that promotes gender equality, please contact or