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WIN Inspiring Leadership Seminar Series

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This year has seen an acceleration in the questioning about the way we live, work and lead. How do we manage disruption and work together to create and sustain thriving organizations? How do we care for ourselves and others to ensure we are able to create a world in which everyone flourishes and succeeds?

WIN individually and together with its partners has designed a series of leadership webinars and online learning and growth sessions to explore these questions. The aim is continue to expand the WIN vision of new paradigm of leading authentically, integrating feminine values and understanding global interconnectedness.

Kristin in conversation with global experts share their insights, hopes and inspirations. At each meeting, participants are invited to join co-creative interactive learning and networking groups to facilitate our collective growth. Many of the past sessions are available on youtube here.


What People Said

"The energy was amazing and so inspiring and lots of connections made. It was actually the highlight of my week." --Michelle Simpson, PwC

"This gave me so much hope, I have felt inspired for days and have been accomplishing a lot of things as a result of it. Just like when we meet at the Global WIN, it fuels you up. Unbelievable in such a short time. Thank you, thank you, thank you." --Claire-Marie Boggiano, Lurig Change & Development


Past Events in the WIN Inspiring Leadership Seminar Series


What is the New Leadership Needed for This Time?

Offered as part of the Truth & Reconciliation Weekend

4 July 2020 | Online

The inequalities and injustices in the world call for healing and new leadership. As we look at reconciling the many broken parts of our society, organizations and lives, we listen to the stories of leaders who actively work to build bridges, find common ground, take a stand for what is right, find solutions and create the many new ways as bright lights in the world today.

The session addressed creating peace, embracing diversity and making space for healing and deep learning at all levels. What can you do? Who would you like to be? Speakers provoked courageous conversations, spoke from their hearts and inspired a vision of the future through who we are and what we are becoming.

This meeting was the WIN community’s contribution to the Truth & Reconciliation Weekend, a collaboration between WIN, Helm of Eight and Shakti Leadership. Together we offered a programme of workshops, panel discussions, performances and group discussions with experts from 4-5 July 2020. The panel discussion is available to view on youtube here.


Kristin Engvig, Founder & CEO WIN in conversation with

Nilima Bhat, Founder-Director Shakti Leadership

Karen Tse, Founder and CEO of International Bridges to Justice

Gloria Burgess, Pioneering Scholar, Author & Thought Partner

Megumi Ishimoto, Executive Director and Co-Founder, NPO Women’s Eye and Women 20 Japan Delegate

Knight Muteti, Founder, Daughters of Kenya


Leadership, Wellness & Immunity

14 May 2020 | Online

Lockdown is partially coming to an end - what can we do to assure our immune system is strong and that we are making sure wellness is a bigger part of our life? This can be an opportunity to install habits that will be useful for us as we lead others and ourselves into the future.

Covid-19 has prompted us all to re-think how we take care of others and ourselves. How have people re-defined wellness and health in a time in which normal support systems were not available? How did you step up to care for your family, colleagues, neighbours or friends during this time? Likewise, many might have been sick or had others be sick or passed away, and the economy is now suffering too. How has your job been impacted, and will it still be there when this is over? How do we deal with stress and lead into a new time?

The seminar explored what these changes mean for companies and what each of us needs to do to create a sustainable future. The panel discussion is available to view on youtube here.


Kristin Engvig, Founder, WIN in conversation with

Graziella Zanoletti, Owner & President, Elite Rent-A-Car, Founder & Président Friends of Humanity, Director & Partner, BioGeometry Europe

Mine Uran, Founder & CEO, Alver

Alexia Michiels, Partner, The Resilience Institute Europe


Leadership in Times of Crisis & Disruption

30 April 2020 | Online

This is a time of major disruption. Let’s look at what such a time can bring in terms of innovation, new habits and new leadership. Could it be that the type of leadership needed in times of crisis is more inclusive than hierarchical, engaging than commanding, collaborative than competitive and compassionate than indifferent, just like the WIN way?

With most of the world in lockdown, we are seeing empathic leaders assume responsibility, find resilience, inspire hope and engage their communities and organizations. What does this mean for the transition out of lockdown and the new world that is taking shape? What lessons are being learnt that will ensure we emerge from this disruptive time stronger, better equipped and more unified?

This webinar explored these questions with a particular focus on the role of women and the implications for companies as well as individuals. We will also uncover what each and every one of us needs to do to create inclusive organizations. The panel discussion is available to view on youtube here.


Kristin Engvig, Founder, WIN in conversation with

Kanta Singh, Country Programme Manager, UNWomen India

Umran Beba, SVP & CHRO, PepsiCo

Tina Tinde, Advisor on Prevention & Response to Sexual Exploitation & Abuse, IFRC



Feminine leadership has never been more important and so WIN has kept these webinars available to all. WIN's pioneering work touches women of all generations and an increasing number of men around the world and depends on contributions from its supporters.