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WIN was born in Milan in 1997 and has been inspired not only by the country’s entrepreneurial attitudes, ease of connecting, beauty and culture – but also by Leonardo Da Vinci and its other innovators throughout time. WIN promotes the idea of the modern Renaissance women and men – those who bring all of themselves into what they do: a business professional and an opera singer, someone both spiritual and practical, a scientist and an artist, confident individuals who also form part of an interconnected system.

WIN has also held 9 of its Global WINConferences in Italy given it is a perfect setting for connectivity, learning, growth, beauty, creativity, consciousness, dialogue and evolution.

Working together with many of the partner organizations, WIN Italy intends to gather the alumni of the Global WINConference as well as others who wish to be a part of it to expand the WIN-WIN vision. The The Hub will gather 2-3 times a year to engage in initiatives and promote the WIN values, which may include meetings, dinner events, a talk or a gathering for input and support to the Global WIN community.

In addition, one of the three pre-conference webinars for this year’s special online Global WINConference will be recorded from Rome.

WIN Italy is coordinated by Kristin Engvig and Marcello Presicci. If you are interested in being a part of the WIN community in Italy, please email


WIN Mobilizing hosted by LUISS Business School - 24 May 2018

Hosted by the dean of LUISS Business School, Paolo Boccardelli, a group of WIN alumni came together for a high-level exchange related to women in leadership, gender balance and how to accelerate our changing the world, work and our own lives.

Celebrating Women hosted by Centro Studi Americani - 12 March 2019

In collaboration with the American Embassy, WIN gathered to celebrate the month of International Women’s Day. In addition to networking, we heard insights from Elissa Bloom, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator and Founder of Blooming Designs, Gabrielle Kluck, Ombudsman at the World Food Programme in Rome and Kristin Engvig, founder of WIN.


WINConference Italy hosted by Centro Studi Europei

More information will be announced soon.