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2021 Asia-Pacific WINConference

WIN has held events providing inspiration, knowledge, practical tools and contacts to help individuals to succeed and prepare for the future in Tokyo annually since 2009. The 2021 Asia-Pacific WINConference took place on 3 December. 





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This event will provide you with inspiration, knowledge, practical tools and contacts to help you succeed and prepare for the future. It will help you lead the way and support others that do so too. WIN will inspire you and accompany you on your journey as an integrated global, authentic and feminine leader. Becoming a part of the WINConference also gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an exchange of best practices with companies embracing diversity, initiating inclusive cultures and where you can find women leading the way.

We ask: who are the individuals and organizations leading the way with purpose, creating work places with meaning, and developing societies where everyone has the freedom of choice in a world in which we all flourish? We also look at how and why you are called to step up and create the future you envision – and actively support others in doing so.



WHAT A global leadership conference and summit of plenary sessions, workshops, working forums, a networking lunch and dinner connecting you to ideas, energy and people.

WHO Women and men in senior and middle management, consultants, entrepreneurs, NGO, leaders, politicians, artists, all longing for a positive change in their world, work and life.... YOU!

WHY Join to inspire and be inspired, to learn and to share, to create and co-create, to contribute and to connect with ideas, yourself and other outstanding leaders from Japan and the rest of the world.


  • Become updated on the emerging global trends and the new changing global context.
  • Discover how women can collaborate to lead a gender-based work agenda towards a thriving future in Japan.
  • Explore how organizations and individuals create the future.
  • Learn how to find possibilities which enable companies, employees, clients and society to grow in a sustainable way.
  • Become the inspiration and noble agent of possibility that we each need to become.
  • Learn how to accelerate your journey, develop skills, increase confidence and become an authentic leader.



Friday 3 December (Times in JST)

14:00    Opening Ceremony: Women Shining Together

How do the many changes in the world open new possibilities to create the future of our highest dreams – and how to do we do so by shining together?

          Kristin Engvig, Founder & CEO, WIN


14:10    Plenary: The Global Picture – Creating the Future

Let’s discuss the context in which we are working, the trends which lie ahead and how we can prepare for the future. What do the accelerated changes mean? How can leaders embrace emerging possibilities, expand them and begin creating a thriving future? Speakers followed by interactive breakouts. 

          Kotaro Fukudome, Founder & Business Coach, Coach Nexus Japan

          Mynoo Blackbyrn, Founder, Federation 100 Miracle Lens


14:45     Plenary: Future of Companies & Careers

What will the company of the future look like, and what about our careers? How can we create inclusive and sustainable business cultures while embracing women, diversity, the environment and healthy work-life balance? 

          Ted Katagi, CEO, Kenja

          Dr. Jackie F. Steele, Founder & CEO, enjoi Japan and KK, President, FEW Japan Not-for-Profit Incorporated Association

          Janelle Sasaki, EY Women Athletes Business Network Global Leader          

          Dr. Andrijana Cvetkovik, Director, Economist Corporate Network, North Asia


15:30    Coffee Break


15:45    The Art & Science of Positive Influence

Though lecture and demonstration, discover behaviors that unknowingly sabotage business and personal relationships and how to communicate value and respect for self and others. 

          Amy Carroll, Communication Coach & Trainer, Owner Carroll Communication Coaching


16:30    Plenary: Women with Vision & Your Story

Exceptional leaders will share their stories of leadership, feminine power and the value of staying connected on their route to the top and beyond. What are their visions for the future? How can we realize our own potential and help shape a world that works for all? Speakers followed by interactive breakouts. 

          Narmada Ramakrishna, CEO & Co-Founder, pink maharani 

          Anna Aiko, Traveler & Photographer, Anna Aiko Studio


17:30    End of Day





Thank You to Our Sponsors



Janelle Sasaki, EY Women Athletes Business Network Global Leader
Janelle Sasaki leads the strategy and initiatives of EY Global Women Athletes Business Network (WABN) for women athletes and entrepreneurs. She is passionate about addressing the needs of businesses to find diverse talent and women athletes on realizing their leadership potential in the business world. Janelle’s background includes providing innovative branding and human resources solutions to multinational organizations for over 18 years. She served as a consultant at EY Japan People Advisory Services focusing on diversity and inclusion (D&I), global talent management and work style innovation. She frequently addresses these topics at international conferences on these subjects. Prior to EY Japan, Janelle served as the D&I Leader for a technology company in Asia-Pacific, where she launched the company-wide D&I business strategy and addressed workplace challenges. Janelle leverages her more than 10 years of experience as a former competitive gymnast to address the challenges facing women in the 21st-century workplace.


Mynoo Blackbyrn, Founder, Federation 100 Miracle Lens
At the pinnacle of an impressive corporate career in London, Mynoo Maryel stepped away from her hamster-on-a-wheel life, leapt out into the great unknown — and landed, on both feet, in pure magic. Hers is an ordinary, extraordinary story. From a lifelong pattern of incessant thinking, constant go-go-going and never ending to-do lists for ever-increasing performance, Mynoo learned to become still. She turned up the volume on her inner knowing, and listened to guidance. She went through a series of spiritual awakenings and was blessed with the calling of her soul, to awaken humans and humanity to the miracle that they are, activating expecting and accepting miracles as the norm. It is her great joy to share this work and wisdom with major leaders and corporations across the world, including, the United Nations, Women’s Economic Forum, as well as many prestigious International networks of key influencers and game changers. Mynoo is the author of the global bestseller The BE Book: A Journey Into Miracles and Guide to Self-Liberation, available worldwide on, and Co-Founder of the Federation 100 and Miracles Inc as well as The PoEM Foundation, an NGO. 


Narmada Ramakrishna, CEO Co-Founder, pink maharani 
Born and raised in India but discovered myself in Europe. In this globalised world, I feel both happy and torn being a citizen of the world raising our own little family in Geneva. I am driven to enable and empower people, especially girls and women, to discover and be the best version of themselves (by unlocking it) . Through my brand pink maharani, we sell high-end cashmere scarves and loungewear however each of our product has a deeper meaning from its conception to wear. I love many things; authentic crafts(wo)manship, fashion, non-religious spiritually, deep meaningful conversations and inspiring people. I look forward to being part of this conversation with Kristin as leadership is not a one (wo)man show but rather a collective conscious effort to strive to build an equitable, meaningful and joyous society. 

Amy Carroll, Communication Coach & Trainer, Owner Carroll Communication Coaching
Swiss based coach, trainer, speaker, author, radio host & recovering predator. Amy discovered the mishaps of miscommunication early. Traveling globally, specializing in leadership and emotional intelligence for multinationals and NGOs. With the Improv theatre philosophy Make your partner look good Amy coaches you to become more honest, dynamic & develop your ability to influence others by creating powerful partnerships. With a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, 30+ years experience, a professional certified coach & NLP Master Practitioner Amy’s clients include: Amgen, Eaton, E&Y, HP, Medtronic, Nestlé, Novartis, P&G, Saatchi, Shell, Takeda, UN & WEF. You can find Amy here: 


Kotaro Fukudome, Founder & Business Coach, Coach Nexus Japan
I am the founder and business coach of Coach Nexus Japan in Sydney, Australia.  We support individuals and organizations who are trying to move forward without compromise.  Before founding Coach Nexus Japan, I used to run my own company in Japan which focused on providing the study abroad opportunities to Junior-high and high school students in Japan to broaden their horizons.  Prior to starting up Global Reach, I was in the financial market for over 20 years.  Managing Director at JPMorgan and Deutsche Securities.  Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns.  In addition to horse riding and drinking coffee in Sydney's lovely cafes, I am now passionate about promoting coaching method to the Japanese business community and helping people to live a fulfilling life.  Master of Business Administration (MBA) majoring in Business Environment at Keio University.


Dr. Jackie F. Steele, Founder & CEO, enjoi Japan and KK, President, FEW Japan Not-for-Profit Incorporated Association 
Dr. Jackie F. Steele is a trilingual political scientist and international speaker who has taught at leading universities in Canada and Japan over the last fifteen years, including six years as associate professor at the University of Tokyo. She is a governor with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, an angel investor with SheEO Canada, and president of FEW Japan, supporting women’s empowerment. To support the next generation of intersectional diversity leaders, she is the Strategic Advisor of WomEnpowered International hosted at GRaSPP (UTokyo). As CEO of enjoi Japan K.K., Dr. Steele guides corporate leaders in DEI business strategy with metrics tracking psychological safety, EQ leadership, diverse talent mobilization, and equitable corporate policies and practices. Jackie holds a PhD in political science from the University of Ottawa and a masters in law. She has published over thirty academic works and is an advisor to UN conferences focused on gender equality, diversity, and disaster risk.


Ted Katagi, CEO, Kenja
My name is Ted Katagi, CEO of Kenja: A software that leverages blockchain technology to give full provenance and transparency of processes. Since my student days at Harvard Business School, and throughout my career, I’ve learned about the need for creating a community that includes employees, colleagues, students, friends and family. People that you can rely on when you need something or someone the most, and that can help you become a better professional and human being. 30+ years of working experience have also taught me that no matter who you are, or the position you are in, you have the potential to make this world a better place. And that trust in yourself, in your colleagues and in your community is key. In a society were technology innovation is pushing towards “autonomous” and “trustless” systems, we need to rely on our people, in whom we trust, so we can thrive as individuals, communities and companies. I can’t wait to share my vision with you during the APAC WINConference 2021!


Anna Aiko, Traveler & Photographer, Anna Aiko Studio
I wish to transmit the beauty of the Arabian Peninsula. I’m an iPhone photographer with a passion for traveling on camelback.I was born in Tokyo and raised between 2 cultures, Japan and France. Later I moved to Paris for 20 years as Art Director in the fashion/luxury industry. My heart was always saying « Travel ». Since 2015, I followed the ancient path of the Silk Road, capturing by iPhone the beauty of life. That led me to win the iPhone Photography Awards and other worldwide Awards. From 2019, I explored 2400 km on camelback, in Saudi Arabia, UAE and the island of Socotra. Delighted by its hidden beauty to discover, my Love story with the Arabian Peninsula began. I hope that my experience on camelback exploration, as an art director to embellish it and translate my pictures, can help in preserving the beauty of the heritage, while coping with 21st Century evolution. 


Dr. Andrijana Cvetkovik, Director, Economist Corporate Network, North Asia
Ambassador Cvetkovikj has a Doctorate from Nihon University, an Honorary Doctorate from the European University, and an Executive MBA from the Fox School of Business, TUJ. She is currently the Director of The Economist Intelligence Corporate Network for North Asia. Fluent in multiple languages - Andrijana grew up in Macedonia and has lived in the USA, and Japan for the last 18 years. Cvetkovikj was the first and the youngest Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in Japan from 2014-2018. Cvetkovikj was the Head of the Public and Digital Diplomacy Units at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia (2013, 2018). Cvetkovikj sits on the Board of Del Sole Corporation; former visiting Associate Professor at Kyoto University; former executive advisor at Cartier-Japan, and is involved in a number of scientific and artistic organizations around the world. She is the founder consulting firm BrioNexus KK, and co-founder of a non-profit organization Ambassador’s Council. She is a committed advocate on diversity, inclusion, and the UN’s SDGs and is also a filmmaker and an artist. 







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