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Please see below the list of speakers for WIN Global Live 2021. 

Kristin Engvig (Norwegian), Founder & CEO, WIN & WIN Conference

Kristin created WIN to bring alive a vision of a more feminine, global and sustainable way at work, in communities and life. More than 22000 individuals and hundreds of world-class companies have attended WIN’s live experiences, expanding worldwide. She pioneered a new way of looking at business through WIN’s framework of change, bringing in wellness, sustainability, beauty, art, new language and wholeness years ahead of the current trends. As a global thought leader in the field of creativity, feminine and authentic leadership, she embraces her global responsibility through innovative leadership experiences and personal speaking engagements to inspire women worldwide to become agents of possibility.


Afke Van Mansum (Dutch), Hypnotherapist, InterVitalize

NLP coach, hypnotist, trauma therapist, passionate about healing, neuroscience, art and ocean. I qualified as a hypnotherapist & NLP life coach after a corporate career of 20 years. Now I work with clients to make their lives easier, to show that “the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” does, in fact, exist. After finalizing a post-graduate in psychology, which included family constellations, transactional analysis & NLP, I studied with NLP founder John Grinder & the world’s best therapists, in order to be certified by OMNI & NGH, as well as learning the neuroscience and practices of mind-body healing from traumatic experiences like childhood abuse, burn-out and depression. I volunteer as researcher and writer for the Dutch Knowledge Centre on Transgenerational Organized Violence and am one of the founders of All-in.foundation which educates kids and teens on D&I.


Karen Wendt (German), President, SwissFinTechLadies

Moderator Karen Wendt is an investment banker and has shaped Eastern Europe strategy at prominent European institutions. She is keynote speaker at A Speakers, impact investor, founder of SwissFinTechLadies, crypto evangelist and editor of Sustainable Finance. She advises companies on digital transformation and the EU Taxonomy. She was named “Investment Banker” of the Year 2020 by Prestige Awards. Her new book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impacts on Ethics” has just been published by Springer-Palgrave-MacMillan.


Katie Richards, CEO, Cyber Capital

Katie Richards is CEO of Cyber Capital. She is Beyond Convention: A dynamic mobile executive professional with 25+ years of international experience in financial services, corporate and digital environments including blockchain and digital assets. She was risk manage rat Falcon overseeing the cryptospace in wealth management/private banking before taking ua a new opportunity as CEO of Cyber Capital.


Deyana Nedeva, Head of Investors Relations, Blockchain Valley Ventures

Deyana Nedeva heads the Investor Relations at BVV, and is in charge of supporting the investors community during ICOs. Deyana holds an MBA degree from the University of St. Gallen, and brings more than 10 years of investment management experience to the team at BVV, gained in the Swiss Finance Sector.


Bernadette Leuzinger, COO & CFO, Crypto Finance AG

Bernadette Leuzinger is CEO at Crypto Finance (Asset Management) AG.  Prior to joining Crypto Finance (Asset Management) AG, Bernadette worked in various positions in banking, IT, and insurance. Bernadette started to educate herself on crypto assets during her free time, and has been following the developments and opportunities of this fascinating field for several years now.  Bernadette studied Banking & Finance at the University of Zurich.  


Tina Balzli, Partner, CMS Switzerland

Tina Balzli specializes in banking, insurance, financial and capital markets law, general corporate and commercial law as well as mergers & acquisitions, with a particular focus on fintech and blockchain. She has a long-standing track record of holistically advising leading Swiss and foreign financial institutions as well as up-and-coming start-ups in her areas of specialization and is excellently acquainted with the international and Swiss regulatory landscape within capital and financial markets law.


Susannah Haan (British), ESG Adviser / Trustee, SLH*ESG, CBI Retirement Fund

I am a public affairs professional and ESG adviser based in Brussels. I have a degree in German & Russian, plus qualification as a lawyer, and have lived in the UK, Russia and Belgium. Previous roles include: board member of professional womens' network, business angel, Secretary General of an EU association for companies listed on the stock exchanges of Europe, adviser to the UK accounting & governance regulator, associate director of public policy at fund manager, policy expert at business association, associate at law firm. I believe in making capital markets serve their end users, which includes making pension funds accountable to their beneficiaries, and I see potential for greater capital market pressure on companies to improve disclosures on gender equality. I look forward to sharing my experiences of working with senior leaders and setting out some thoughts for the future as to how the S in ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) gives investors (including individual investors) a lever to demand greater accountability from company management.


Roberta Russo (Italian), Cloud Business Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Roberta Russo is the Southern Europe Cloud Business Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In this role she’s responsible for the growth of the most innovative Hybrid Cloud and pay-as-you-go services. In her more than 20 years in the company she’s held several management positions at Italian and European level in sales, marketing and IT. Born in Milano, Roberta has a M. Sc. degree in Electronic Engineer at “Politecnico di Milano”. She’s also studied Strategic Planning at the London Business School in London. She leads several volunteer initiatives as a mentor, teaching coding to girls and boys and explaining to high school students how to use internet and the social media in a responsible way. She’s a volunteer in the “Inspiring Girls” project, where she is a testimonial of the project that aims at fighting against gender stereotypes and to encourage girls to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. In her private life Roberta is married and has a 12 years old daughter (who loves coding…). She loves skiing, reading and travelling around the world.


John Niland (Irish), Author, Coach & Founder, Self-Worth Academy

John’s passion for self-worth is well known to many WIN members. He has presented at many conferences over the past two decades and has coached hundreds of professionals to find new meaning and value in professional life. “The Self-Worth Safari grew out of my own struggles and the subsequent discovery that I was not alone. It has turned into the adventure of a lifetime: the realisation that no matter what is happening around us, we can always be a friend to ourselves. We can reinvent our identity as a reflection of real self-worth and self-belief.” He currently lives in London and Lisbon. In addition to coaching individual professionals and running sessions in companies, John is passionate about working with students and young people, “whose self-worth is often contingent on a rising tide of expectation”. Self-Worth Academy are keen to grow their Associate team and welcome contact from coaches interested in self-worth.


Sylvia Becker-Hill (German), Publisher, Becker-Hill Books

I am the proud founder of Becker-Hill Books, a boutique publishing house in Southern California, and the Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School. I believe we are living in exciting yet difficult times as we transition out of the patriarchy into a more caring society based on true partnership and diversity. As a self-confessed ‘brain nerd’, I combine neuroscience with my creativity as an artist. It brings me immense satisfaction to combine seemingly opposite fields - science and art - in my online learning programs and executive coaching in order to empower women. My personal life journey includes dealing with the dark places of intergenerational PTSD caused by the trauma of both my parents and grandparents from the second world war. Bringing inspiration and happiness to others is my soul’s purpose. This journey took me from having a mind full of knowledge yet living disconnected from my body to a joy-filled, confident, grounded, liberated, woman leader.


Natasha Konstantinova (Dutch), Head of Reputation and Communications, Reputation Science

I traveled the world, lived in 6 countries, learned 5 languages, graduated from two Universities, and spent the last 20+ years immersed in the world of corporate communications, media, crisis management, and global reputation science. I've led global and corporate teams in Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, Fashion, Domestic Appliance, and IT for Fortune 500 companies, international institutions, and foundations worldwide. I've always had the privilege to work with amazing and talented people. They inspired and empowered me to explore, bring new ideas, adapt, lead and dare. Today, I help entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders to share their incredible stories of success, build their brands and credibility, and manage their reputations. I also have their backs when things take an unexpected turn. Givers always want to pay back and pay forward. I look forward to sharing all my learnings, mistakes, and successes with the WIN community. For now, and for years to come.


Cathy Dimarchos (Australian), Advisor, Mentor & CEO, Solutions2you

Cathy is the founder of Solutions2you and believes we can all contribute to lifting the baseline across the world. Her values take centre stage and business becomes honest and expressive as she leaves a lasting imprint on those around her. As a visionary, with more than 3 decades of experience in finance, scaling businesses, a qualified counsellor, and certified in psychological safety she supports people to realise their unspoke ambition and to step outside their comfort zone. Through empathy and strategic positioning, she empowers people to establish healthy boundaries, to think limitlessly and to challenge norms. Cathy shares her global experiences include working in orphanages, living with the Maasai, trekking with Gorilla’s to enchanting moments in Bhutan, and how they have contributed to redefining her purpose and passion in paying things forward to the future generation so that they can step outside of their lane, and go against the grain. “As we rise, we must lift those around us.”


Julia Lynch (Canadian), Founding Director, Global Girl Project

Julia Lynch founded Global Girl Project in 2014, after over twenty years working as a Community Social Worker and Therapist. This work ignited her passion for supporting marginalized girls, and GGP was born. Since that time, Julia has worked tirelessly to not only be a role model for her global girls, but to train them on how to be role models and leaders to others within their communities. Since starting GGP Julia has become an in-demand voice on leadership and girls empowerment globally. Julia speaks with integrity and knowledge on international development, diversity, inclusion, leadership training, the mobilisation of youth, and community engagement. Julia is a passionate, engaging and down-to-earth speaker who has the ability to connect with her audience in such a way that they leave feeling inspired and mobilized to create the changes they want to see. She speaks regularly to businesses and organizations about how to be a change-maker in one’s own life, world and work.


Mynoo Blackbyrn (British), Founder, Federation 100 Miracle Lens

At the pinnacle of an impressive corporate career in London, Mynoo Maryel stepped away from her hamster-on-a-wheel life, leapt out into the great unknown — and landed, on both feet, in pure magic. Hers is an ordinary, extraordinary story. From a lifelong pattern of incessant thinking, constant go-go-going and never ending to-do lists for ever-increasing performance, Mynoo learned to become still. She turned up the volume on her inner knowing, and listened to guidance. She went through a series of spiritual awakenings and was blessed with the calling of her soul, to awaken humans and humanity to the miracle that they are, activating expecting and accepting miracles as the norm. It is her great joy to share this work and wisdom with major leaders and corporations across the world, including, the United Nations, Women’s Economic Forum, as well as many prestigious International networks of key influencers and game changers. Mynoo is the author of the global bestseller The BE Book: A Journey Into Miracles and Guide to Self-Liberation, available worldwide on Amazon.com, and Co-Founder of the Federation 100 and Miracles Inc as well as The PoEM Foundation, an NGO. She is the visionary and matriarch of the Miracles movement which paves pathways to miracles in life, in relationships and in business through transformational wisdom, experiences, estates and solutions that focus on full spectrum living; thriving physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, socially, financially and environmentally.


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