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The Global Journey

WIN represents a global leadership journey done by modern women and men. It is a reference for individuals and organizations alike. We evolve, inspire and create a world that works for all and we do so by walking together.

The feminine is out of balance with the masculine in politics, business, society and our own lives. This imbalance holds consequences for the planet, for organizations and for human well-being. Here at WIN we have been imagining it differently for the past two decades. Committing to a world in which everyone flourishes, everyone WIN. A win-win-win world.  

When WIN began in 1997 the gender gap was even wider and even if we have had progress globally, there is work to be done. Regression is taken place in some areas and we must constantly stay vigilant. 

Here are some figures which illustrate today’s picture:


We believe that convening leaders in an inclusive environment accelerates this change and opens possibilities for the new world we long to live in. By connecting women and men whose heart is in the right place, who work purposefully, with passion and compassion, we open up new possibilities and change the world in a positive way.

In addition to our global convenings, WIN has a number of meetings run independently or in partnership with local hubs in India, Japan, Nigeria, the UK, Singapore and Italy. WIN has also held meetings in Turkey, Dubai, New York, Moscow and in Abu Dhabi. These vibrant local events combine the magic of WIN with unique local flair, connecting participants with new inspiration, skills and networks that allow them to thrive.

Here are some of our friends around the world and the growing WIN network of influence

And also:
Umran Beba President Asia Pacific Region, PepsiCo (TU)
Anna Diamonopolis, Former Minister & EU Commissioner (GR)
Mikael Ohlsson President & CEO IKEA Group (SW)
Akira Matsumoto Chairman of the Board & CEO, Calbee, Inc (JP)
Irene Dorner President and CEO of HSBC Bank (UK) 
Laura Boldrini President Of the Italian Chamber of Deputies (IT)
Aongus Hegarty President & General Manager, Dell Inc (IE)
Yasmine Hilton Chairman Shell India (UK)
Avivah Wittenberg Cox CEO consultancy 20-first (CA/FR)
Michael Gelb NY Times bestselling author and thought leader (US)
Lorella Zanardo author and director of “Il corpe delle donne” (IT)
George Kohlrieser professor of leadership and organisational behavior IMD (US)
Emma Bonino VP Senate of the Italian Republic (IT)
Shashi Tharoor India’s Minister of Human Resource Development (IN)
Catherine Destivelle Alpinist, (FR)
Michael Kimmel Author, Professor of Sociology (US)
Marguerite Barankitse Founder Maison Shalom (BY) 
Margot Wallstroem EU Commissioner of the Environment (SW)
Cherie Blair Booth Noted British Attorney, Human Rights Advocate (UK)

…and many, many, many, many  more! 


Don’t take it just from us, our past attendees put it best


It was such an honour to be at the WIN Conference in Tokyo. Such an amazing atmosphere and so many remarkable female leaders. Wow, I took a lot from it. Energy, motivation, ideas, learnings, contacts, even new career opportunities. Well, and the belief in dreams ;)

-Clemens Juriga, HR Enthusiast


I was really inspired by the togetherness and enthusiasm that was generated at WIN Manchester. It’s helped me refocus again on my own journey as well as making a difference for others.

-Sian Taylor, Executive Coach


The sisterhood within the WIN Global Conference is just wonderful. I think because we have a special woman on the lead Kristin Engvig, lifting us always higher and higher with humility, love, care, and patience.
- Anne Pelagie Yotchou, CEFAP-Ladies Circle


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