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Broadcasted from a Studio in Dubai with a small group of guests in connection with the World Expo.


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2021 Global WINConference Agenda                 

*WIN reserves the right to make changes or updates to the agenda as necessary.


Day 1 – The World – The Global Picture

2 November

A new beginning, for work, world and you. With the understanding that we are all part of a large interdependent system, how each and every one of us contributes to the whole becomes vital. The aim of day 1 is for you to begin linking your own personal journey to the larger global evolution.

The timings in CET (Central European Time) and GST (Gulf Standard Time)


9:00 12:00   Corporate Forum on Creating an Inclusive Organization

            Session for participants with a Corporate Ticket

  • Charleen Michel, International Human Resources and Well-Being Consultant, WIN/Private (Moderator)

  • Reema Haddad, Diversity and Inclusion Leader Middle East & Africa, IBM

  • Sarah Fern, Chief People Officer, Velocity Global

  • Thalia Mingo, Global Lead, Bristol Myers Squibb Network of Women (B-NOW) People and Business Resource Group, Bristol Myers Squibb

10:15 13:15   Coffee Break

11:00   14:00   Opening Ceremony: Setting the stage

 Keynote Opening & Ceremony

  • Kristin Engvig, Founder & CEO, WIN

  • Sonam Kalra, Award-winning Singer & Composer 

  • Opening Talks

            The Global Picture: Creating the Future

             Plenary & Interactive Session

Prepare for the future as we discuss the context in which we are working, the trends that lie ahead and how we can be active agents for change. Influential thinkers and experts address issues ranging from current affairs to digital transformation, circular economy, income gap, environment, climate, values, consciousness, gender and more. They will draw on their experience to provide insights on how we can pioneer new ways of living, working and leading.

  • Beatrice Bauer, Professor, SDA Bocconi School of Management

  • Kedar Naik, Partner, McKinsey & Company

  • Dr. M, ​​Global Leader & Businessman, Global Citizen Forum

12:45   15:45   Lunch Break

14:00   17:00   Workshop Series I

Working Forum: Risks and Opportunities in Investing in Decentralized Finance and Blockchain

  • Karen Wendt, President, SwissFinTechLadies (moderator)

  • Deyana Nedeva, Head of Investors Relations, Blockchain Valley Ventures

  • Bernadette Leuzinger, COO & CFO, Crypto Finance AG

  • Tina Balzli, Partner, CMS Switzerland


Workshop: Consciousness at Work

  • Afke Van Mansum, Hypnotherapist, InterVitalize

15:00   18:00   Coffee Break

15:30   18:30   Women Shining Together: Pioneering the Future with a New Vision

Plenary & Interactive Session

Gain insight into the exceptional journeys of pioneers as we prepare to create new ways. Exceptional leaders from politics, business and the arts will share their stories of leadership, feminine power and the value of staying connected while fighting for justice, peace, a better company and a new world.

Kristin Engvig, Founder WIN 

in conversation with:

  • Yana Mann, Mezzo-Soprano, Singer, Song-Writer and Music Producer, Irreverence Group Music

  • Mojgan Endjavi Barbe, Founder, Endjavi Barbe Art Projects

  • Alejandra Castro Rioseco, Founder and Director, MIA Art Collection

  • Shazia Ilmi, Gender Rights Activist

  • Dr. Mariam Ketait, Founder, Chikara Global

17:30   20:30   End of Day 1

Optional Hub Receptions

            Including In-Person Reception in Dubai


Day 2 – Work – The Future of Work, Careers and Leadership

3 November

Day 2 aims to explore the flourishing organizations, initiatives and enterprises of the future. Who will be the individuals creating and leading them and how will they do so? How do we create organizations in which we all thrive and careers that matter?


07:00   10:00   Morning Wellness Session

Take part in a 45 minute yoga, dance, meditation or guided reflection to awaken both your body and your mind.

Title: Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama for Health and Well Being

Charleen Michel, International Human Resources and Well-Being Consultant, WIN/Private 

09.00   12:00   Creating a Thriving Company

            Plenary & Interactive Session

What will the ideal company of the future look like - one that thrives while being conscious of its impact on society and the planet? What companies do we want to run, work for and buy from regarding their purpose, vision, strategies, actions? CEOs, top-level executives and experts share their approaches, case studies and practical stories.

  • Susannah Haan, ESG Adviser, Trustee, SLH*ESG, CBI Retirement Fund

  • Hajar El Haddaoui, Head of Region West & Tessin, Swisscom AG

  • Fernanda Lopes Larsen, Executive Vice President Africa & Asia, Yara International

  • Kate Geraghty, Director Of Sustainability & Advocacy EMEA, Dow Packaging & Speciality Plastics

10.30   13:30   Coffee Break

11:00   14:00   Workshop Series II

Workshop: Artificial Intelligence: Why It's So Important for Women to Get Involved

  • Roberta Russo, Cloud Business Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise 


Workshop: Become a Positive Energy Leader: Make the Impact You Are Here to Make at This Pivotal Time on The Planet

  • Louise le Gat, CEO & Founder, Positive Energy Leaders


Workshop: A New Empowering Thinking Tool for Professional Women:  Conscious & Responsible Thinking

  • Jane Cull, CEO, Author, Speaker & Consultant on Change, Life's Natural Solutions


Workshop: Fast Forward Your Visibility: Get Known and Be Seen the Way You Want

  • Natasha Konstantinova, Head of Reputation and Communications, Reputation Science

12:30   15:30   Lunch Break

14:00   17:00   Evolving Our Leadership & Careers

            Plenary & Interactive Session

What are the new competencies, leadership practices, mindsets, and understandings of prosperity, employability, wellness, career moves, transitions, power, finding your calling, and ways to navigate a constantly changing environment? We will discuss the importance of being authentic, venturing outside our comfort zones, expanding our horizons, adding the feminine dimension and becoming global players by connecting to each other across borders and boundaries. Influential experts, leaders and outstanding professionals share their stories and illuminate new opportunities.

  • Diane Moody, Vice President, Organizational Development & Culture, DSM

  • Nathalie Coral Lepeltier, Author, Speaker & Founder, Conscious Future Institute

  • Mayada Al-Ahmad, Business Unit Leader, Bristol Myers Squibb

  • Sophie Stanton, Chief Marketing Officer Middle East & Africa, IBM

15:30   18:30   Coffee Break

16:00   19:00   Workshop Series III

Workshop: Reworking Your Professional Identity to Showcase Your Expertise and the Value of Your Work

  • John Niland, Author, Coach & Founder, Self-Worth Academy 


Workshop: Leadership Resilience - How to Use Simple Shifts in Thinking, Movement and Energy Management to Lead in Challenging Times

  • Sylvia Becker-Hill, Publisher, Becker-Hill Books 


Workshop: Create a Roadmap to your Richest Life

  • Lisa Peek, Wealth & Feminine Leadership Mentor for Impact Driven Female Founders, The Impact Ripple


Workshop: Beating the Impostor Mindset: How to Feel Like The Legitimate Leader You Are

  • Jennifer Jordan, Professor, IMD Business School 

  • Sanne Feenstra, Assistant Professor, VU Amsterdam

17:30   20:30   Celebrating Women

            Online Reception

18:00   21:00   End of Day 2


Day 3 – YOU – Realizing You, Realizing Us

4 November

Day 3 aims to guide you to realizing your authentic self and take full responsibility for creating new ways and the world we wish to be a part of. We pay conscious attention to who we are becoming during our journey. We dive deeper and listen to how the feminine is expressing itself across the globe. We support each other.


07:00   10:00   Morning Wellness Session

Take part in a 45 minute yoga, dance, meditation or guided reflection to awaken both your body and your mind.

Title: Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama for Health and Well Being

Charleen Michel, International Human Resources and Well-Being Consultant, WIN/Private 

09:00   12:00   Realizing You, Realizing Us

            Plenary & Interactive Session

Gain insight into realizing your own potential and that of others so that we can pioneer a future that works for all. We make space for new possibilities, answering new calls and living a conscious and empowered journey. Learn more about risk-taking, integrating the feminine and the masculine with authentic natural power, communicate across borders and boundaries, spirituality, love, staying on purpose and realizing the authentic you as you take your project from seed to flower, with the support of a thriving sisterhood. Together we will realize new ways of living, working and leading. Influential thinkers and experts address the theme of the day and lead conversations on possibilities.

  • Julia Lynch, Founding Director, Global Girl Project

  • Jyoti Bharwani, Artist, Curator, Advisor & Gallerist, PaintSpaces Studio & Gallery

  • Cathy Dimarchos, Advisor, Mentor & CEO, Solutions2you 

  • Mynoo Blackbyrn, Founder, Federation 100 Miracle Lens 

10:30   13:30   Coffee Break

11:00   14:00   Workshop Series IV

Working Forum: Women Empowering Women

  • Claire-Marie Boggiano, Lecturer in Leadership, The University of Salford (moderator)

  • Bandita Thapa, Founder & Director, Women Foundation Nepal/ Butterfly Ventures

  • Emi Shitara, Organizer, Harvard Business School Online Tokyo Chapter

  • Georgia Watson, Enablement & Skills Transformation, IBM Europe, Middle East & Africa 

  • Delphine Robillot, Head of Ethics, Human Rights, Data Protection, Genesis Project LLC 


Workshop: The Truth About Confidence - Bust the Myths So You Can Build Authentic Confidence

  • Jules Wyman, Confidence Coach, Speaker, Author


Workshop: Develop and Open to a More Sustainable Living Through Awareness of Vasanas. A Meditative Painting Exercise in the Kitchen With Herbs, Spices and Oils. 

  • Jyoti Bharwani, Artist, Curator, Advisor & Gallerist, PaintSpaces Studio & Gallery

  • Ema Mano Epps, Creative Partner, PaintSpaces Studio & Gallery


Workshop: If "D" Stands for DRIVE and "F" Stands for FEAR or FAILURE, What Does Your "E" Stand for to Ensure You SUCCEED in BUSINESS and In LIFE?

  • Cathy Dimarchos, Advisor, Mentor & CEO, Solutions2you 


Workshop: Miracles in Business: Grow Your Wealth, Have More Time, with Ease and Without Compromise

  • Mynoo Blackbyrn, Founder, Federation 100 Miracle Lens

12:30   15:30   Lunch Break

14:00   17:00   Workshop Series V

Workshop: From Crisis to Quantum Leap – An Alternative Workshop on Stress

  • Kirsten Stendevad, Founder & CEO, Illumina International Leadership Academy


Workshop: Brand Your Super Power

  • Irem Sefa Yayimlar, Personal Brand Creator, brandyMe Personal Branding Consultancy 


Workshop: Reclaim Your Sovereignty

  • Nathalie Coral Lepeltier, Author, Speaker & Founder, Conscious Future Institute


Workshop: Daily Exercises for Today's Changemaker

  • Allison Simpson, Transformational Coach, Allison Simpson International, LLC 

15:30   18:30   Coffee Break

16:00   19:00   Shining Together & Closing Ceremony

            Plenary & Interactive Session

We will share our stories, visions and hopes. Celebrating women becoming the whole authentic person they are. Developing the mind-body connection. Expanding you and us as agents of possibilities. Creating new ways and discovering new worlds. Integrating our time together, incorporating the learning, the impressions and the inspiration. Let our visions become our ways. Let’s revisit our stories and our visions from day 1 and with audacity bring them into the future.

  • Kirsten Stendevad, Founder & CEO, Illumina International Leadership Academy

  • Dr. Mariam Ketait, Founder, Chikara Global

  • Oke Chinye, Founder, Oke Speaks

  • Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni, Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam

17:30   20:30   End of Day 3

            Optional Hub Receptions



*Time Zones: times shown here are in CET (Central European Tim), observed for example in Paris, Berlin and Zurich and in GST (Gulf Standard Time), observed in Dubai.


The agenda and final workshop titles are subject to change. Please consult our website www.winworld.global for the latest updates.




To view the speakers for the 2021 Global WINConference, click here.


WIN represents a global leadership journey done by modern women and men. It is a reference for individuals and organizations alike. We evolve, inspire and create a world that works for all and we do so by walking together.

The feminine is out of balance with the masculine in politics, business, society and our own lives. This imbalance holds consequences for the planet, for organizations and for human well-being. Here at WIN we have been imagining it differently for the past two decades. Committing to a world in which everyone flourishes, everyone WIN. A win-win-win world.

When WIN began in 1997 the gender gap was even wider and even if we have had progress globally, there is work to be done. Regression is taken place in some areas and we must constantly stay vigilant.

We believe that convening leaders in an inclusive environment accelerates this change and opens possibilities for the new world we long to live in. By connecting women and men whose heart is in the right place, who work purposefully, with passion and compassion, we open up new possibilities and change the world in a positive way.

In addition to our global convenings, WIN has a number of meetings run independently or in partnership with local hubs in India, Japan, Nigeria, the UK, Singapore and Italy. WIN has also held meetings in Turkey, Dubai, New York, Moscow and in Abu Dhabi. These vibrant local events combine the magic of WIN with unique local flair, connecting participants with new inspiration, skills and networks that allow them to thrive.








Don’t take it just from us, our past attendees put it best


It was such an honour to be at the WIN Conference in Tokyo. Such an amazing atmosphere and so many remarkable female leaders. Wow, I took a lot from it. Energy, motivation, ideas, learnings, contacts, even new career opportunities. Well, and the belief in dreams ;)

-Clemens Juriga, HR Enthusiast


I was really inspired by the togetherness and enthusiasm that was generated at WIN Manchester. It’s helped me refocus again on my own journey as well as making a difference for others.

-Sian Taylor, Executive Coach


The sisterhood within the WIN Global Conference is just wonderful. I think because we have a special woman on the lead Kristin Engvig, lifting us always higher and higher with humility, love, care, and patience.
- Anne Pelagie Yotchou, CEFAP-Ladies Circle


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