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The WIN Story

Founded in 1997 in Milan, Italy by Norwegian social entrepreneur Kristin Engvig, WIN is a mission-driven organisation devoted to empower women around the world. Open to all, WIN presents a chance for us to make a difference in the world and to take part in the premium authentic leadership conference.

WIN (Women’s International Networking) is a leadership organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Over the years, WIN has reached exceptional women leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and talents worldwide to become a community of women leaders working internationally.

            “Many conferences have themes, this one has a vision”

Riffat Hassan, Professor of Religious Studies, University of Louisville, USA


“Each time I come home from WIN I feel I am part of changing the history of women

            Lorella Zanardo, Author Director at New Eyes for the Media


A global leadership journey

24 years of inspiring women who change the world – a constellations of shining stars

Over the past 24 years, women and a few men have been growing and learning, sharing and contributing to a global leadership journey and an uprising of women worldwide.

Women with purpose, passion and compassion are finding new possibilities for others and self. Women with noble values, integrity and respect, who stand in their divine feminine power, pioneer new paths not only for themselves but also for others.

Whether they were born in Nigeria or Japan, India or Sweden, 22 000 of them have been in touch with the spark of WIN, as they are walking both their own individual journeys that brought them inside to reflect and grow, and also in parallel consciously learning new skills and overcoming the many obstacles on their outer unique paths. They have not been alone, collectively, just as they have been embarking and nurturing their inner and outer individual journeys, they have been a part of a great collective journey of modern women on conscious and authentic paths of both discovery and contribution happening on the planet right now.

WIN is a reference and a home for so many of the shining stars comprising of this unique constellation of stars - those that have been and still are a part of the WIN journey.



Past WINConferences


WIN 2020 – Leading the Way for the New Beginning (On-line Conference)

WIN 2019 – Pioneering the FutureWIN

WIN 2018 – Trust, Discover & Create – New ways of Living, Working & Leading

WIN 2017 – Creating a Thriving Future – with Grounded Optimism, Gracious Innovation & tender Humanity

WIN 2016 – Leading the Way – with Beauty, Connection & Confidence

WIN 2015 – Inspire the World – with Insight, Grace and Action

WIN 2014 – Magnificent Leap of Change

WIN 2013 – Flourishing Together with Beauty, Trust and Passion

WIN 2012 – Make Space, Find Possibilities

WIN 2011 – Creating History

WIN 2010 – Realizing Visions – with Clarity, Enthusiasm and Care

WIN 2009 – Wisdom in Action

WIN 2008 – Vision & Vitality – Moving into the Future

WIN 2007 – Taking the next step – Fearless, Graceful & Together

WIN 2006 – Courage to be the Change

WIN 2005 – Leading for the Future

WIN 2004 – Connecting for Results: Authentic Leadership in Action

WIN 2003 – Connecting People to Create Impact

WIN 2002 – Women building Partnerships across Boundaries

WIN 2001 – Women leading Global Change

WIN 2000 – Sustainable Strategies for Women in the Global Era

WIN 1999 – Winning Strategies for Women Working Internationally

WIN 1998 – Winning Strategies for Women in the Era of Globalization



Major Global Conference and Meeting locations


Milan, Geneva, Lausanne, Rome, Oslo, Prague, Berlin, Paris, Athens, Tokyo, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Delhi, Mumbai, Abuja, Moscow, Sitges and counting…



"I was completely awe-struck by the quality and diversity of the plenary speakers at this conference and by the inspiration and challenge offered by the workshop leaders. This remarkable event has called on each of us, women and men to take fresh inspiration and intention out into the world and to courageously create the kind of world we want to be in"

                                             Yvonne O’Reilly, Managing Partner, Avanteam, Luxembourg


"It´s not because women need to learn to be different, it´s because men in the company need to learn that they’re there"

                                             Alessandra Bellini, VP Brand Building, Unilever, Italy