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A Leadership Journey

WIN is a leadership journey: a path for doing business the authentic way. WIN inspires conscious women to step into decision making roles, progress their careers, and excel in politics and business while encouraging artists and activists as well as those at new frontiers. We work to develop ourselves on the inside, contributing with our authenticity, our hearts and integrating feminine values, supporting each other in making dreams come true. We also know it is not only about women. We work globally, with men and across generations to create worlds, work and lives that benefit all. We go on inner journey, on outer journey, alone and together.


Evolving, learning and discovering
WIN provides pioneering thought leadership and is the reference for numerous individuals and organizations worldwide. It opens new paths, inspiring leadership with exceptional leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and talents through its innovative and collaborative framework of change.

Participating in a WIN global leadership conference is an experience. You receive pre-learning material;the learning book and you are encouraged to be open and see yourself as a renaissance woman or man. The WIN experience brings together leaders from a variety of background, industries, age groups, nationalities in a stimulating and inclusive environment. We bring music, dance, wellness sessions, thought leadership and a revolutionary new way to look at business, work, careers and life – a way where we view the world, work and lives through a feminine lens and whole perspective. At WIN we go beyond the concept of change agent, rather we consider you an agent of possibility, someone who creates new spaces and opportunities for others and self. At WIN nobody operates in isolation and you are considering the environments as part of you. Just like in a constellation of interconnected stars, all belonging together. In an interdependent(solar) system, how we relate and connect with each other becomes paramount. In fact how you do anything you do matters to the whole. Hence, a key element of WIN is a focus how we connect with each other and how we create the environment, the garden, in which we all stand. In many ways we see leadership as gardener who assures a variety of flowers flourish.

"This journey with WIN is a part of my life - a journey that transformed me and always keeps me strong, inspired, connected and empowered, and it helps me to empower others. I still experience magic there and each year is special."
- Anne Pelagie Yotchou

The WIN Pillars on which we stand

enables, empowers and connects
leaders in a way that is:

  1. Global: we foster international exchange and create communities of belonging. We commit to the best version of ourselves, celebrate diversity, heal separation, support each other and enable the truly global and inclusive leader to emerge.
  2. Authentic: we inspire and nurture each and every one of our inner and outer leadership journeys and explore our unique paths. We encourage natural expression and authentic contribution from all. We are here for a reason.
  3. Interconnected: we take a systems-based approach and look at the world, work and you. As part of an interconnected web, we give attention to how you do what you do and the quality of the relationships we create. We are part of a web of life.
  4. Holistic: we integrate and give value to the feminine qualities of collaboration, caring, sharing, receptivity, beauty, passion and compassion to balance the masculine qualities typically dominating business and politics. We are Renaissance women and men.
  5. Innovative: we take a creative approach, revealing what is emerging and bringing it into form. We give and we receive, we create and co-create the future of society, work and lives. There is a solution.
  6. Focused on Possibilities: we make space to find possibilities and empower new openings with joy, mindfully in the now. We inspire the future.
  7. Practical: we work to develop skills, connect with trust, follow through with what we start and focus on getting things done together and with grounded optimism. 

The WIN Framework for Change

All WIN events are consciously designed with the above learning model and framework of change as its core.

The WIN system of connecting to Flourish

Connecting to Flourish& 7 steps to networking with purpose and joy

A Network is, for us, a nurturing environment in which we all flourish. A garden.Networking is about creating purposeful and pleasurable relationships for mutual benefit. It involves the heart, stomach and intellect and makes you feel that everything is possible.

Mindfully creating relationships with purpose and pleasure (joy).
Our approach to connecting and creating relationships comes from our vision to inspire a more authentic, global and feminine way forward. We look for a common purpose and for what lights each other up. When we pay attention to how we interact with each other and to the relationship itself, possibilities come our way. We have experienced that it is through real relationships that we can realize the greatest possibilities.

The pleasure principle- - building uplifting relationships with joy 
The purpose principle – building bridges and finding our signature purpose

Individual connections lead to a collective network.
Networking is about being part of an interconnected system and understanding that your contribution matters to the whole. We inspire each other to become all that we can as individuals, to stand for and with each other, to contribute with our own uniqueness, with our highest visions and hence impact at a larger scale the evolution of all women (and men). In such a network of WINsisters we are nourished to become so much more than we could ever have imagined alone. We see a network as a working net, an environment where we can all Flourish.

Our mindful approach to networking creates a context for you to grow.
Networking the WIN way means: to make space and listen to the possibilities emerging, to mobilize the wealth of resources in the group, to express our dreams, needs and desires, to share knowledge and discoveries, simply, to become still and witness another becoming, to give and receive help, to take an extra step, to make an extra effort. Who else do I know who I can help? What more do I yearn to express? In order to increase the possibilities of fruitful encounters and consciously mobilize the ideas, resources and energy of the group, we remain mindful of the following guidelines:

Create a context, make space for the other to be. 
Listen, be open and let something emerge. We are generous. 
Confidence springs up from the context


Connecting to Flourish with purpose and joy 
Be open 
Be ready to connect 
Be quick to contribute 
Take a risk 
Never accept the unacceptable 

Expect magic 


Always with clarity, beauty, trust & passion

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Renaissance Women & Men
WIN was born in Italy, in Milan. We were inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, creativity and how to inspire the future into existence. It was also triggered by the frustration of overly focus and specialization in the workplace, of tunnel vision, separation and competition. Real geniuses are more than a marketing manager or a banker we thought, the future needs people who are whole, who both sense, feel and think. Who have passion and intuition? Who are bankers with a heart and marketing managers with conscience.In factyou might be a daughters, a managers, a singer or a dancer, a lover and a cook and so much more than just a singular one thing. Most probably you are a modern Renaissance woman and certainly you are here for a reason, embarked on inner and outer journeys of discoveries.

The Renaissance Woman
The authentic feminine leader comes to life when she follows her intuition, and as she connects with others, she discovers her inner power and what is beyond. When she continuously accepts all parts of herself, and takes up her natural space, she grows. She is a pioneer of her own life and nobody can walk this journey but her. There may be resistance as she embraces her own story, obstacles as she overcomes her doubts and waves of thought and emotion as she pursues her journey forward. She balances responding to what is calling her outside with listening to her intuition and to her body, as she knows she is more than her mind.
An authentic life is one that is creative and involves both the discovery of life and of ourselves. Without a mask she may feel vulnerable, before the thrill of freedom makes her open and receptive to create and co-create. Her knowledge, experience and skills become her means as she puts her wisdom into action and inspires the world. She cares deeply and is resilient and dedicated to take a stand for what she holds dear.  It is never only about her; she is part of something bigger. She contributes with her gifts as a voice among many in a choir. And remember, once in a while, she forgets, and she feels small. Then you pick her up and you say, “you can shine brighter.” We empower each other, and, in the midst of the sessions and workshops, we support each other in a way that allows us all to shine.

The Renaisance MAN --- and the WIN Renaisance WOMAN