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The WIN Inspiring Women Worldwide Awards

Recognizing outstanding women


Each year WIN honors distinguished women for their dedication and hardwork; women who have inspired others whilst embodying WIN’s principles of the authentic, global and feminine leader. In keeping with WIN’s own mission, we look for women who mobilize people to succeed and help shape a thriving future. Each of these women embody the WIN values and pillars:

  • Global:fostering a global mindset and international exchange, enabling the truly global leader to emerge
  •  Authentic: inspiring each and everyone's natural being, creative expression and unique contribution
  •  Holistic: integrating feminine values to balance masculine qualities typically dominating business and politics
  •  Practical: we look at both how to 'be' and how to consciously make things happen, moving ideas into form
  •  Innovative: we look at how to create and encounter the future with ideas and innovations that work for everyone
  •  Interconnected: we have a systemic approach, acknowledging our global responsibility and how every contribution matters
  •  Focused on Possibilities: we go where there are openings as we allow ourselves to find and receive opportunities

We choose women whose work has touched those around them and who may not have received previous public acknowledgment of their work. WIN also considers candidates who may have already received recognition publicly but receive our recognition for their impact away from the spotlight, where their work has contributed to the improvement of their community and society. Awards are presented at the Global WINConference as well as regional conferences in Japan, India and the UK.


2020 WIN Award Winners

Manchester WINConference
Jacqueline Hughes Lundy (UK), Founder & Owner, Inspiring Women Awards

2019 WIN Award Winners

Global WINConference
Anna Diamantopoulou, (Greece) Founder & President, DIKTIO

Eve Konstantine, Executive Coach, Chairperson and Founder

Steliana Van de Rijt-Economu, Leadership Coach, Author, ‘Mothers as Leaders’

Nancy Fina (US), Fashion, Advertising & Portrait Photographer and Speaker


Manchester WINConference
Sally Penni (UK), Barrister & Founder, Women in the Law UK

2018 WIN Award Winners

Global WINConference

Ester Banque (Spain), SVP & Head Interncontinental Commercial, Bristol-Myers Squib

Mine Uran, Co-Founder & CEO, Alver Golden Chlorella

Majbritt Byskov-Bridges, Co-Founder & COO, Alver Golden Chlorella

Alexandra Pascalidou (Sweden), Journalist, Author, Presenter, Producer and Human Rights Advocate


Japan WINConference

Miyuki Suzuki (Japan), President, Cisco Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ)


Manchester WINConference

Simone Roche MBE (UK), CEO & Founder, Northern Power Women

Nominate a Candidate for the WIN Award

Candidates from anywhere in the world are eligible for the WIN Award. Anyone can nominate a candidate or apply themselves for consideration.

Application Criteria
  • Candidates exemplify the WIN values of being global, authentic and feminine.
  • They operate with collaboration, sustainability and inclusion.
  • Their initiatives are carried through with authenticity and inspire people globally, even if the project is local.
  • They are leaders that embody the WIN pillars and are creating a sustainable future.
Nomination Process

Send a brief bio of your candidate, along with a short paragraph stating why she should be recognized by the WIN Inspirational Award to

If you have any queries, please also contact

Selection Process

Each year, the WIN committee will select from the list of nominees three to five women for the Global WIN Award, and one for each regional WIN Award.

Previous WIN Inspiring Women Award Recipients

Global WINConference

  • Josefine van Zanten, HR Senior Executive in Human Resources (2017)
  • Meg Jones, Chief Economic Empowerment at UN Women (2017)
  • Kaouthar Darmoni, Assistant Professor (Gender & Media, Univ. of Amsterdam, NL) and consultant/coach in Feminine Capital (2017)
  • Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, CEO & Founder, 20-first (2016)
  • Bonnie Fatio, Master Catalyst, Global Speaker & Author (2016)
  • Ditta Sandico, Fashion Designer, Cache Apparels (2016)
  • Anne Stevens, Council Director – Global Women, Global Leaders, The Conference Board (2015)
  • Veronique Goy Veenhuys, Founder & CEO of the Equal-SalaryFoundation (2015)
  • Karen Tse, CEO & Founder, International Bridges to Justice (2014)
  • Anita Pratap, Journalist, Author and Documentary Filmmaker (2014)
  • Elin Hurvenes, Founder & CEO, Professional Boards Forum(2013)
  • Marguerite (Maggy) Barankitse, Human Rights Advocate(2013)
  • Umran Beba, SVP, CHRO, PepsiCo (2013)
  • Graziella Zanoletti, Director, BioGeometry Europe (2012)
  • Hélène Ratte, Partner, Diverseo (2012)
  • Amany Asfour, President, BPW Egypt (2012)
  • Barbara Giangrave of Addio Pizzo (2011)
  • Emma Marcegaglia, President of Confindustria (2011)
  • Lorella Zanardo, Creator of Il Corpo delle Donne (2011)
  • Rebecca Spitzmiller of Retake Rome (with Fondaz Garibaldi) (2011)
  • Prof. Paola Muti, Scientific Director of the Regina Elena Institute (2011)

WIN India

  • Sonam Kalra, award winning singer, Founder of ‘The Sufi Gospel Project’ (2017)
  • Rekha Mody, Social Worker & Activist (2016)
  • Kamla Bashin, Gender Expert (2013)

WIN Nigeria

  • Lillian Ada Adakole, Member of International Bridges to Justice (2016)